D'enver which is the largest leather industry of Europe, fully integrated into the Turkey's tourism and brings the product to the consumer
with 100% customer satisfaction.



D’enver synthesizes the perfectionist product understanding that it has built on quality workmanship with its luxurious lifestyle. Since it’s established, has always managed to be a global brand
by maintaining this understanding.


Denver Leather products, specially designed by our designers, are among the most distinguished products in the modern world while reshaping according to their durability, quality and original product understanding. We continue to produce for the best, with our experienced management team and all employees who continue to work successfully in line with domestic and international targets.



D’enver Leather, which started in 1932 with modest shop, today continues its production betwixt the leading leather manufacturers in Turkey and Europe. 3 factories in İzmir and 2 tanneries in Menemen and all stages of the production of leather products are meticulously maintained in our own structure.


Reflecting its experience and meticulous approaches in production and business mentality; the main stores in Antalya and Kemer, which are important tourism centers, continue to serve thousands of domestic and foreign customers with over 100 hotel stores.

Altınova Sinan Mah. Antalya Cad. Barış Sk.
PK07170 Antalya/TURKEY


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SINCE 1932